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Are you desperate to grab investor's attention?

Do you need to compress and condense your start-up's journey in an attractive way?

Have you struggled to get traction with your current pitch deck?

If you're nodding along to any (or all of the above, then read on).

As a successful young entrepreneur, I've written (and re-written, and re-written again) business plans for several of my start-ups and for clients in Cameroon and beyond! I've raised thousands of pounds with my decks and helped investors raise into the hundreds of thousands.

I did a whole unit on this stuff and I've learnt the necessary killer points that all investors want to see, the order these should be displayed in and the key messages to get across.

I noticed that if you're a cash-strapped, bootstrapped entrepreneur like I've been and you want to create a killer deck, the services out there are all extortionate and aimed at revenue-generating, larger scale 'start-ups' that actually have 20+ employees.

If you want a more valuable, personable and hard-hitting deck, hit me up and leave potential investors impressed, engaged and...invested.